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Allergy Testing and Hyposensitization Treatments

Hyposensitization can be defined as the process of increasing your pet’s tolerance to those items it is allergic to. It is important to realize that through hyposensitization treatments, that your pet’s allergies are not “cured,” in the traditional sense of the word. Instead, your pet’s immune system will be retrained via this process to deal with the problem, and thus reduce or even eliminate its symptoms.

The process is simple – it involves the administration of small doses of vaccine (which your veterinarian demonstrate), with both the dosage and concentration increasing over time. At some point in the process, your animal’s immune system should reach a threshold, at which time it is able to counter the “allergy problem.” As the threshold point varies from patient to patient, you may even be required to make some minor adjustments to the schedule along the way until reaching your pet’s threshold point.

The most important part of hyposensitization is the realization that this process is a partnership between you, your veterinarian, and your pet. Our role in this process, besides giving the injections, is to maintain a comprehensive diary with notes after every injection. This way, your veterinarian will have a detailed record of what has transpired, and will be more qualified to advise you on any schedule adjustments (should they be required).

The Injections: The injections supplied to you will come in a set of three vials, but more sets may be sent depending on severity of allergies your pet may have. These vials will be labeled in different colors, according to strength. You will be giving the injections subcutaneously, following a schedule proceeding through the vials as the dosage increases in concentration.

The Process: The process of hyposensitization involves adjusting the immune system to counter the allergy symptoms you are seeing in your pet. Your pet’s allergies are caused by a component of the immune system known as IgE. IgE is produced in response to allergen exposure, and is ultimately responsible for the allergy symptoms.

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